Integrated Volunteers

IVN is a volunteer’s network in India with individual and organizational participation to secure 2 human hours of contribution per volunteer per week and 100 Human Hours per volunteer per Year, to save and help in the nation growth. The IVN network ensures cross communication, collection & dissemination of knowledge for building the environment.

India Volunteers

India Volunteers (IV) is the centre of Integrated Volunteers Network, where each India Volunteer is known for his committed contribution of voluntary Human Hours of services i.e. 2 Human Hours of voluntary services per week, 100 Human Hour per year & being recognized for respecting the five core principles of IVN without any financial gain.

Safety, resilience and knowledge assistance to communities

IVN will provide technical support in strengthening safety, resilience and knowledge assistance to communities, through voluntary commitment and ensuring multistakeholders participation.

Established Integrated Volunteers network of India volunteers

IVN will facilitate, strengthen and established a network of volunteers from Village, GP, Block, District, State and Nation with the 5 core commitments of IVN.

Strengthening Volunteerism

IVN will encourage volunteerism efforts and also motivate the volunteer’s efforts to save and help the nation’s growth. Efforts will be made in building leadership, behavioral changes, leadership, entrepreneurship and talent search in encouraging volunteerism.

Establish Behavioral Practice

IVN will ensure in establishing a behavioral practice for promoting Safe Environment, Health, Education, Yoga, Prayer, Peace, Harmony and other voluntary efforts to bring social and attitudinal Change.


IVN will demonstrate by doing and bringing an inclusive approach with voluntary efforts for others to get motivated and follow the path of volunteerism.


core values


Stop Plastic and Pollution

Practice Yoga


Respect All


Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity where an individual or group provides services for no financial gain. Volunteering is also renowned for skill development, and is often intended to promote goodness or to improve human quality of life. Volunteering creates positive benefits for the volunteer as well as for the person or community being served. Integrated Volunteers Network is a network of India volunteers, who are committed to help & save the nations with their voluntary commitments. While we conceptualizing the India Volunteers Movement, we involved volunteers from diversified fields and corners of the Nation to brainstorm, prioritize and build on the core believes for each India Volunteer. The Network will help in the Top-Down and Bottom –Up approach of communication and information collection and dissemination in building the environment. IV @ TEAM # IVN

Why Choose Us?

Integrated Volunteer Network (IVN) aims to strategize and plan for developing sustainable models for communities/villages by integrating the global objectives including SFDRR, CCAP and SDG to the local context with an innovative approach. IVN with it’s integrated strength also aims to sensitize and build capacity of varied stakeholders at different levels on thematic and issue-based subjects to raise awareness among the Government and Civil Society, thereby leading to Social Change. IVN also creates a platform for cross-cultural learning and sharing of good practices across India to generate a spirit of brotherhood, peace and harmony. IVN envisions strengthening its Core Principles apart from building the capacity of Volunteers and relevant stakeholders at National, State and District level in creating a safe, resilient, and environment-friendly India. IVN will also develop better synergies with key multistakeholders for strengthening effective voluntary support network in bringing cross learning with targeted communities. IVN will stress on the individual changes that we can secure and strengthen in our daily routine with 5 core commitments, to have a large network impact in consequences to the holistic practices of IVN in saving and helping the Nation’s growth.