As of today, novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 is declared Pandemic by WHO and has spread over 100 countries with number of cases crossed 100000 and is still increasing exponentially. This has created a sense of fear and danger among all countries, including India.

Our Country is on lock-down for 3 weeks as Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged all Indians to stay at home and fight against the virus together. According to statistics, number of cases are expected to reach 1000. People are panicking all over the country and stocking up but the worst hit is for poverty-stricken low wage workers, because of the lock-down they fail to earn money and feed their families.  

    We can fight this virus together if more people maintain and follow the social distancing. All we have to do is follow some basics DO’s and avoid doing some DON’T’s to save ourselves from the risk of COVID-19.


Here are some DON’T’s :
Firstly, Just do not go outside.
Unless yo don;t have any other option do not go outside and risk your health.
Prevent yourself from touching your face.
Even if you have no option but to go out then, maintain distance from people and stay far from crowds and wear a mask always.
Do not ignore your symptoms. Especially if you are sick, do not leave your home.


Done with don’t, here are things you must do :
Wash your hands as frequently as possible and at least for 20seconds.
Clean those areas of your home which are touched frequently by family members.
Limit your contact with pet and stray animal as they can also spread it through contact.
Follow self-quarantining and social distancing