Joint Assessment Done by We4Peace Rebuilding Peace & Harmony with Gandhian Humanitarian prospective.

#Volunteer4Peace is a call to action by #We4Peace who are committed to humanity with Gandhian Philosophy. Let’s come together in rebuilding our peace and harmony. A better Delhi to feel proud & safe

Background and Context:
On 23rd of February, 2020, violence broke out in the North East region of Delhi which escalated over time. Section 144 of CrPC has been imposed on 10 locations in North
East Delhi. As a result of the violence, 27 deaths have been confirmed so far, including the death of a police officer, with over 250 injured. Damage to property, especially shops, street-vendors and religious sites has been noted.
The Chief Minister of Delhi has requested the Union Home Minister for military
intervention. Victims of violence have reported impediments in accessing emergency healthcare, owing to blockades. A two-judge bench of Delhi High court ordered DCP East to ensure safe passage of patients in Al-Hind Hospital to GTB and other hospitals.
Incidents of violence against women and girls have also been reported.
Prime Minister has also appealed for calm and peace in Delhi. He said, “he had an
extensive review on the situation prevailing in various parts of Delhi. Police and other
agencies are working on the ground to ensure peace and normalcy.” He further added, “Peace and harmony are central to our ethos. I appeal to maintain peace and brotherhood at all times. It is important that there is calm and normalcy is restored at the
Source: Media Ref: Expression of Solidarity, Sphere India, New Delhi, February 2020.

We4Peace : A group of peace loving volunteer & organizations from Delhi working towards Rebuilding Peace & Harmony with Gandhian Humanitarian prospective in the affected areas of Delhi with Volunteer4Peace

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We are responding to the immediate needs of Delhi Violence affected areas of North East District through local Volunteer4Peace. You can join as a volunteer, support with your expertise and send your contributions / donation to
Integrated Volunteers Network (IVN) Saving Ac/No 917010046058937
IFSC code - UTIB0000206
Axis Bank, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
Feel free to connect for any kind of coordination - Manoj Dash, India Volunteer, CEO, IVN 8851415797 or drop a email to info@ivn.org.in